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Weight Loss

Obesity has become an epidemic here in America. Approximately one out of every three Americans are overweight. Excess weight contributes to 300,000 deaths per year and adds $100 Billion per year in health care related costs. Obesity contributes to: heart disease, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure, arthritis and gall bladder problems.

In order to lose weight, we have observed that four (4) factors must be present:

1. Motivation

There must be a desire to change. Perhaps a wedding, reunion or health crisis has motivated you to change your body weight. This motivation provides the stimulus to change established lifestyles that are not healthy.

2. Caloric control

We must know not only what but how much we are consuming. Calories represent the energy that the food or beverage is providing our bodies. If our energy consumption is greater than what we burn, we gain weight. The reverse is also true. We utilize computer programs to pick the healthiest caloric goal and the time to achieve goal weight.

3. Appetite

It is impossible to lose weight if your appetite is raging. Those late night cravings, or food temptations will over rule the best intents. We utilize amino acids to modify our bodys thirst for food.

4. Ingrained patterns of weight

Our bodies adapt to our environments, even if the environment is unhealthy. We create insulin resistence and hormonal imbalances that make it easier to gain than to lose. We also create relationships with food that are unhealthy and our body often associates emotional trauma with weight and food. If the emotional and hormonal parts of the weight puzzle is not addressed, then the weight reduction will be slowed or the desired goal weight will not become the new set point as old eating patterns are reinstituted.

We strive to provide a supportive environment to take on the challenge of getting your life back form obesity.