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Dr. Kenzie went through specialized training in Scoliosis with the Clear Institute. The Clear Institute uses a method of "Mix-Fix-Set" to help reduce and stabilize scoliosis. This type of treatment is a conservative alternative to bracing and surgery. The first segment of this treatment uses vibration and cyclical motion to affect the ligaments of the spine. The second and third phases of treatment consist of adjustments specifically tailored to each patient.

These adjustments are performed by hand with precision instruments and drop mechanisms. These two phases of treatment also consist of traction and de-rotation to help unlock the spine. Patients perform vibrational neuro-muscular reeducation and exercises to help with the last phase of treatment. This type of scoliosis treatment needs to be accompanied with the patient's diligent effort in performing their daily exercises at home. These exercises are a necessity during and after treatment.

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Dr. Kenzie is certified in chiropractic pediatrics, although she treats
patients of all ages.