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Our Promise to You

Our mission is to relieve suffering, facilitate healing and enhance the quality of life.

“We strive to accomplish this by”

  1. Empowering our patients to live a balanced lifestye that promotes emotional, physical and biochemical well-being
  2. Restoring health, hope and peace through scientific and compassionate assistance, working with the body's natural recuperative powers
  3. Treating each patient as a special and important part of God's creation with certain innate rights

Patient's Bill of Rights

  1. To be heard
  2. To be examined with appropriate procedures in order to diagnose and understand the cause of your condition
  3. To be given an explanation for your problem
  4. To be given the choice of possible treatment options, their effectiveness and side effects
  5. To be informed if another health care professional has a more effective therapy for your problem
  6. To be given a prognosis or potential outcome of your condition if known
  7. To discuss with openness financial obligations of your treatment in this office
  8. To be treated with dignity and respect regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, lifestyle or religion
  9. To have strict confidentiality
  10. And to always have the freedom to choose and still be treated with dignity and respect regardless of your choice