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There have been a large number of techniques and approaches to deal with correcting biochemical and physical problems. However, the perceptual side of the triangle had few targeted approaches to resolve the stress of our experiences. This was especially true when the underlying root to the stress was not readily known.

In the mid 1980s a chiropractor in Southern California (Scott Walker, DC) noted that some patients had recurrent physical problems even though they were being adjusted, exercising and being provided with the proper nutrition. He wondered if somehow stress was causing these ongoing problems. He observed that when a patient thought of a stressful event that there would be a weakening of a previously strong muscle. This seemed to indicate that this stressful experience was still causing a disruption of the patients muscle tension. Dr Walker adjusted the patient while the patient was contemplating the stressful situation and on the next visit the chronic problem had resolved. This was the humble beginning of what we now know as NET.

NET provided a technology that allows the practioner to evaluate if there is a stress component to the condition that the patient is seeking help for. If there is such a connection, then there is a physical way to help the body heal the emotional wound or stress. NET is not talk therapy, but a body based approach to helping the nervous system break out of a stress pattern.

The body has the innate wisdom to heal a physical wound. If we get cut, our body automatically goes into repair mode to heal the wound. If we get emotionally wounded or traumatized, the same repair mechanism is activated. If the emotionally charged event is not resolved then a NeuroEmotional Complex (NEC) is formed. This NEC can then be triggered by seemingly unrelated events. Perhaps every time the boss comes into your office you feel your stomach tighten. This event may not be about your boss, but perhaps an old memory is triggered that initiates an emotional response from your past. The root of the NEC is then treated, an adjustment is made while the patient contemplates the initial sensitizing event. This procedure allows the body to reset and complete the healing.

Dr Kris has been one of the leading researchers into NET and has spoken at many conferences about NET and his research. The doctors at Peterson Clinic respect the process of healing and have found that we have many courageous patients who are willing to heal all of the hurts.

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