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Integrative Patient Care

Some of our greatest treasures in life are things like good health and the freedom to live vibrantly, love passionately and laugh heartily. And even though our bodies are designed to be healthy and self-healing, problems occur when accidents, stress or our lifestyle exceeds our body's tolerance levels, which causes unwanted damage to occur. So when there is a healing deficit, chronic pain, dysfunction or even death can sometimes be the consequence. Most of the major illnesses that plague us, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are often the results of our bodies not being able to maintain homeostasis in a hostile environment, often created by a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and/or stressful living.

Over time, we have learned that what you think you have may not be what you actually have. Our bodies are very complex and they have a way of integrating various stressful aspects of our lives into problems that express themselves in the form of pain or illness. Failure of our ability to adapt to our lifestyle choices, physical, and emotional trauma, and stress, results in disease and dis-ease. Our approach in assisting you in the recovery of your health is to understand the nature of your symptoms and then explore, in search of, the underlying root(s) or cause(s). As we have mentioned before, the root cause of each health challenge can usually be found somewhere in the Triangle of Health paradigm. Therefore, the services that we use to evaluate your health are based on how we can best examine the Health Triangle: which pertains to the body's desire for achieving health when the physical, biochemical, and perceptual/emotional components are able to work together in relationship to each other; thus enabling the body to achieve an optimal sense of overall balance and well being.

Here at the Peterson Clinic, our doctors do not believe themselves to be the healers, rather, they see themselves as the educated professionals in charge of identifying the roadblocks that are preventing your body's innate ability to heal. Even though the history of your problem(s) may be traumatic or gradual and even if you have already seen many doctors that have offered a variety of diagnoses and recommendations, we will still choose to evaluate your health with a fresh perspective. Your return to optimal health is our greatest priority, and we are highly motivated to discover the roadblocks that are detouring your healing process.

The Triangle of Health

The Physical Component

Our physical body is made up of muscles, bones, and organs. These bodily components work together to make it possible for us to move in any and all capacities. And since motion is an essential element of life, it is important that we do much to protect the flexibility of our youth as it threatens to disappear over time due to lack of activity, injuries, biochemical imbalances and stress.

Other types of physical problems that impair our motion are things such as broken bones, pinched nerves, tense muscles, weak bones (osteoporosis), torn ligaments, hiatal hernias, clogged arteries, blood clots and tumors, just to name a few. Problems that are debilitating or life-threatening are usually just the tip of the iceberg. Such problems usually stem from a variety of issues that have been ongoing for some time. When ignored, unidentified or treated improperly, debilitating or life-threatening circumstances come about as a result.

In countless cases, we have observed that the initial pain or physical discomfort one experiences is due to a root cause or problem that's festering below the body's surface. In this discovery and treatment process, we find that it is often better to treat the root cause of the pain than to hand out a pain-killer while the problem continues to worsen or ends up causing more debilitation.

In other words, we find it to be more beneficial to take the pebble out of the patient's shoe than to give the patient a natural pain killer for the pain that the pebble is causing. At the same time, we believe in not letting our patients die of the symptoms while treating the disease. So at certain times and in particular situations, we also believe that there is a place for heroic medicine (i.e. surgery, or drug care).

The Perceptual Component

Our ability to perceive determines how we relate and respond to our internal and external environments. If our body perceives an infection, then the immune system is activated. If our toe gets smashed, we experience pain as a result and that invites us to attend to the injury. And in the case of relationships, if we perceive a person or situation to be threatening, then our fight or flight response is also activated so that we are able to respond appropriately.

Our nervous system is the part of our body that mediates and integrates all of these perceptual functions. When breakdowns occur in this part of our system, it can cause a breakdown in our body's ability to communicate with itself and dysfunction begins occurring throughout every system in our body. Neuroemotional Technique (NET), functional neurology, and Neurofeedback, are just a few of the ways we are able to go about treating these perceptual issues here at the Peterson Clinic.

The Biochemical Component

Biochemically speaking, we are not only what we eat, breath, drink, digest and absorb, but also what our body is able to manufacture. The latest research has shown that the way our bodies express themselves genetically is often controlled by our choice of foods, beverages, and the various toxins we are exposed to in our environment. What we ingest has been shown to switch our genetic tendencies toward health or disease. The fuel that we consume will, in a large part, determine our body's ability to produce the cells and chemicals that are required for it to adequately protect, heal, and communicate with itself and to be able to eliminate toxins. And now, thanks to modern science, we have a variety of ways to accurately measure our biochemistry in order to better determine how our bodies are processing what they are taking in.

Based upon our Report of Findings concerning your unique situation, we may prescribe a few of the following interventions such as: dietary changes, nutritional supplementation; hormonal modulation; Neurotransmitter amino acid precursor therapy; botanical and phyto-nutrient therapy; detoxification/chelation for environmental toxins (heavy metals, xenobiotics, pesticides/herbicides) and homeopathic preparations; in order to help the body heal itself and rectify the deterioration and dysfunction that may have begun occurring, so that you can get back on the road towards achieving and maintaining your optimal health.