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Your Experience at the Peterson Clinic

Your first visit to a new doctor can be stressful. Our intent is to make your first visit to our clinic a productive and pleasant experience. There are forms that need to be filled out prior to you visiting our office and can be downloaded from this website for your convenience and preparation. This information will help our doctors gain a better understanding of your health history and present-day complaint(s).

During your visit, your doctor will explore your history, examine you with the appropriate procedures, possibly recommend that additional testing be done to find the root and extent of your problem(s) and openly discuss the financial options available to you. Should additional testing be prescribed by your doctor, these tests and the reasons why they may be needed, will be discussed with you. Your doctor will then share with you the treatment plan hes decided upon that will best fit your health needs and welcomes any questions and/or concerns that you may have. A well-informed patient is not a threat to the doctors in our office, rather we consider them to be a vital part of the healing relationship.

Our Services

We believe that point-of-care examination saves you time and money, as we are able to acquire more immediate data and provide expedited care. Some advanced tests need to be referred out such as; MRIs, CTs, and blood and stool samples. The following list includes various test and procedures that we perform in office.

Have a look at the treatments and therapies we employ.

Forms & Policies

Click below to download the various, printable forms and/or documents you will need to begin care with our clinic.

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